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Back Pain

Back pain is one of the commonest problems that an osteopath treats. Sometimes it can be very sudden and acute or be of a more chronic, longer-lasting nature developing over many years.

There are a variety of reasons as to why back pain occurs. Sometimes it might be due to a specific fall, trauma or accident. It might be due to a repetitive strain injury or lifting strain. An osteopath likes to have a good understanding of how it originated to better understand the mechanical forces and compensatory patterns that have developed over time

It is often quite common for a seemingly straightforward back problem to exist over many years and keep returning in episodic phases where the symptoms are controlled by medication. Then when the body can no longer compensate any more and medication is ineffective this is often when individuals seek the help of an osteopath.

Osteopathic Approach

The holistic approach of osteopathy means that areas remote from the main problem are treated as these can have an indirect influence on recovery. As a result common associated symptoms such as undue fatigue, inability to relax, mood swings, disturbed sleep, headaches, digestive and circulatory problems would improve during a course of osteopathic treatment.

Problems Areas

The following is a list of some of the problems that osteopathy can help with. It is not comprehensive.

Arthritic and joint pain
To reduce pain, ease swelling and improve mobility and range of joint movement
Wrist/Hand Pain
Pain and/or pins and needles in the wrist and into the hand can be due to a compression at the wrist which aggravates the nerve and blood supply. There might be other compensatory problems which would also need to be addressed
Circulatory problems, local or minor Mechanical imbalances in the back and spine can disturb related circulation or nerves
Digestive problems These can be caused by irritation to the nerve or blood supply or impeded lymphatic drainage
By reducing physical stresses and strains the body can function more efficiently and with greater vitality and so use less energy
Golfers Elbow
Pain on the inside of the elbow can be due to a combination of neck, shoulder and elbow problems
Groin strain
This can be a true muscle tear or an instability in the pelvis
These may be due to stresses and strains in the head and neck. Often problems arise due to poor posture, injury or general 'wear and tear'
Jaw problems
The small joint where the jaw meets the skull 'clicks' and gets sore with movement - sometimes associated with grinding teeth whilst asleep
Knee pain
Often people put up with aching knees thinking there is nothing that can be done and are commonly told its 'wear and tear'. The pain can be due to irritation and inflammation of cartilage or due to spinal and pelvic imbalances putting undue pressure through one or both knees
Ligament and muscle strain and tension
These types of strains are invariably accompanied by or as a result of skeletal problems
Mid-back and low back pain
Both acute and chronic problems can respond well to treatment
Neck / shoulder problems
This can be due to joint restriction, osteoarthritis, or such problems as 'frozen' shoulder
Pelvic pain
Restrictions in the pelvis can cause pain in and around the buttock area on one side or in the pubic symphysis area
Advice is often given on improving posture which can be the cause of problems
Postural adapation to Pregnancy As the body adapts to the physical changes taking place, spinal, pelvic and congestive problems can be treated
Post-partum mothers
Occasionally problems occur as a result of a difficult pregnancy or stressful labour and birth
Repetitive Strain Injuries 'RSI'
There are at least 20 types of RSI conditions which can be due to structural problems. Also, postural and workplace changes may need to be made to prevent re-occurrence
Rib pain
This type of pain can be very sharp and debilitating and be aggravated by breathing. Reduced rib mobility can also cause pain in the chest and sternum
Identifying the cause of the sciatic nerve irritation is the key to a successful outcome
Shin Splints
Pain in the front of the leg between the knee and the ankle can be due to a number of causes including issues with the feet
Tennis elbow
Pain on the outside of the elbow can be due to a combination of neck, shoulder and elbow problems
Tendonitis Inflammation of a tendon might be the result of joint and muscular problems
Occasionally a referral for an X-ray is necessary to confirm a diagnosis or exclude any areas of concern


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